ChimpCoach - Coaching Services for Non-Profit Organizations Serving Animals

Kaite McGrew, personal and professional coach since 2004, has expanded her practice to include coaching non-profit executives and organizations that serve the interests of animals. This shift in focus came out of her strong desire to serve the cause of animal rights and her commitment to improving circumstances for all animals, especially those who are or have been in laboratory or factory-farm settings.

photo of Kaite McGrew


Leadership Coaching for Non-Profit Executives

  • Transitioning from Manager to Leader
  • Embracing Power and Responsibility
  • Communicating Your Vision Clearly and Effectively
  • Maintaining External Relationships
  • Strengthening and Managing Board Relationships
  • Building Self-Confidence
  • Developing Staff Leaders
  • Planning for Succession

Team Coaching for Non-Profit Organizations

  • Launch New Initiatives
  • Improve Strategic Planning Outcomes
  • Smooth Organizational Shifts and Transitions
  • Strengthen Team Interaction and Efficacy
  • Facilitate Trust and Confidentiality
  • Energize Team Vision and Support Implementation
  • Enhance Brainstorming Potentials
  • Fortify Accountability
  • Improve Clarity of Communications

Retreat or Meeting Facilitation

  • Work with you to establish a clear, effective agenda
  • Present information for discussion
  • Stimulate discussion with powerful questions
  • Maintain focus and energy in the group
  • Enforce rules for creative and critical thinking
  • Ensure equal participation
  • Summarize meeting outcomes
  • Work with the director/chair to plan implementation

Facilitator U logoCoach U logoRates to be determined based on the scope of the project.
Please contact Kaite McGrew at for more information.